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Website design mock of Gess website

Gess Ltd, a prominent player in the streetlight industry, specialises in designing, fabricating, and distributing high-quality columns and streetlights.

Client: Gess, Auckland, NZ
Categories: Design, Marketing


Gess, approached us with a need for a new website that would not only showcase their wide range of products to potential clients but also provide easy access to product technical guides and drawings for their existing clients. They were eager to feature their impressive projects and establish themselves as a trusted and reliable source in the market.

Understanding the importance of a well-designed website, we set out to create a digital platform that would effectively highlight Gess' products and expertise.


Website and Design

Through our innovative design approach, we crafted a visually appealing website that captured the essence of their brand and showcased their extensive product range. With easy navigation and intuitive user interface, the website ensured a seamless experience for potential and existing clients to explore Gess' offerings and access the necessary technical information.

To further enhance Gess' online presence and promote their projects, we implemented a dedicated section on the website that featured their most notable and successful ventures. Each project was showcased with stunning visuals, allowing potential clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of Gess' capabilities and achievements. This added feature not only showcased Gess' expertise but also served as a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients and generate interest in their services.


For Gess, to enhance their lead generation and marketing efforts we integrated HubSpot into their website. With the implementation of HubSpot, we provided Gess with a powerful tool to capture and manage leads, allowing them to effectively nurture potential clients and convert them into loyal customers. 

Additionally, HubSpot's features enabled us to automate their email marketing campaigns, ensuring that Gess could engage with their audience through personalised and targeted email content. By utilising HubSpot, Gess was able to streamline their lead management process and maximise the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, ultimately driving more conversions and business growth.


The launch of the new website has enhanced the user experience, significantly boosted Google search rankings, and improved overall online visibility and brand recognition.

Website design mock of Gess website

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