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Bars on Wheels, a local Karaka business in need of an online presence, reached out to us for assistance. With no previous website and minimal budget they were eager to showcase their exceptional mobile tow bar fitting service to a wider audience.

Client: Bars on Wheels, Auckland, NZ
Categories: Design, Marketing


Recognising the potential, we embarked on a journey to create a digital platform that would not only highlight their expertise but also attract new customers.


Website and Design

To enhance their brand and online presence, we created a cohesive and visually appealing brand image for Bars on Wheels. This included a unique logo design that captured the essence of their services and instantly caught the attention of potential customers. We also designed eye-catching flyers that effectively promoted their services and strategically distributed them in local businesses and community centers. Additionally, we created visually appealing design collateral for their Facebook page, including cover photos, profile pictures, and banners that showcased their professionalism and expertise. 

Overall, these design elements played a crucial role in enhancing Bars on Wheels' brand and attracting new customers.


To further enhance Bars on Wheels' online presence, we utilized our expertise in social media marketing. We crafted a captivating Facebook post that not only showcased the exceptional mobile tow bar fitting service but also resonated with the local community. The post featured a visually appealing design accompanied by compelling copy that highlighted the convenience, reliability, and professionalism of Bars on Wheels' services. By strategically targeting local Facebook groups, we aimed to reach a wider audience who were in need of their services. This promotional post served as a powerful tool to generate interest and attract potential customers, ultimately driving more traffic to their website.


Through our targeted and effective paid Facebook campaign, we generated 85 website enquiries in the first 3 months, increasing Bars on Wheels' online visibility and attracting potential customers actively searching for their services.

This campaign was a crucial component of our comprehensive marketing strategy, combining a well-designed website, engaging social media posts, and targeted advertising to establish a strong online presence, attract new customers, and drive business growth.

Bars on wheels Logo Design
Bars on Wheels Flyer Design Image
I highly recommend Nalize and Justin. Creative Cabin puts a lot of work into getting results. Very good pricing and a lot of listening to what you want and also giving very helpful tips and suggestions. Friendly, helpful and supportive. Thanks for your hard work.
Hennie Schoeman
Owner | Bars on Wheels

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