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Are you wondering whether it’s worth investing in Facebook Ads in 2023?
Here are 5 of our reasons why we believe that businesses in New Zealand should be:

1. Reach of Facebook is unmatched

Facebook boasts the largest user base of any social networking platform. This gives your business the potential to reach many people with your advertising campaigns.
Data published in Meta’s advertising resources indicates that Facebook had 3.05 million users in New Zealand in early 2022.

2. You can target your audience precisely

Facebook Ads are one of the most popular and effective ways to reach your target audience. You can target your audience by age, gender, interests, and location. This makes it easier for you to find potential customers interested in your offer.
Targeting is not a unique concept in social media advertising, but Facebook has an advantage with their technology and amount of user data.
With Facebook’s huge reach that other social media platforms can’t even close to, which means a huge potential audience for your business.

Using Facebook Ads, you can reach out to this large audience and potentially increase your customer base.

Your ads can be targeted to users based on demographics, customer lists, website visitors, app activity, post engagement, and more. These targeting options can be layered on top of one another, narrowing it down to a hyper-specific group of people.

3. Facebook Ads offer multiple objective, formats and creatives to choose from

Your advertising objective is the outcome that you and your business would find the most valuable. It’s important to know what you want to achieve in order to choose the right objective.
As your business grows, your campaign goals may change. First, you may want to focus on building awareness and acquiring new customers. Later, you may want to encourage people to make a purchase or sign up for an event. Facebook advertising campaigns offer 6 objectives from which you can choose to help you reach a specific business goal.

Here are Facebook’s six objectives and how they help you reach a specific business goal.

  • Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • App promotion
  • Sales

These are the three broader categories, or goals, that your objectives may fall under.

  • Awareness: Objectives that generate interest in your product or service.
  • Consideration: Objectives that get people to think about your business and seek more information.
  • Conversions: Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to buy or use your product or service.

When you advertise on Facebook you have the option to run ads that include creative such as videos, images, slideshows, carousels, collections or canvases. You can pick the creative that works best for your brand and audience. Plus, you can use our measurement tools to learn how much people engage with your ads based on your creative.

4. Boost your website traffic, engagement, leads and sales

Investing in Facebook Ads can help boost your sales and leads. When done correctly, ads can effectively drive traffic to your website or landing page and convert visitors into customers. Facebook advertising is fast and can have an immediate impact on results. You can start reaching thousands of people today.

5. Organic reach has a limit

While creating and posting regularly engaging content to your Facebook Page is a good way to reach new people and your current customers. Adding paid advertising to your Facebook strategy allows you to expand your reach and grow your online presence much quicker. It may be harder to get your content in front of the people you care about most. To keep your audience engaged, reach new people and share your newest products or services, you can advertise instead.


Are you looking for a cost-effective way to reach out to potential customers?
If you are wondering whether to invest in Facebook ads in 2023, our answer is a resounding yes!

Start today and create an ad campaign on Facebook in just a few minutes or get in touch with us for expert advice.